Acoustic experience with Zilplex Resonant Devices

If you want substantial improvement of your acoustics, go for Zilplex. This will bring your audio experience to a higher level. Zilplex adaptation is a sophisticated system which makes your audio sound sensational. Zilplex resonators are designed to reduce room resonance. The timbres of the existing system do not change, while improving the acoustics of your room. Zilplex cleans the total frequency spectrum around you. And as a result the reproduction of music and speech intelligibility in a room will significantly improve. Music is experienced as in a concert hall with a fascinating liveliness floating around you. All this achieved by a very small but very ingenious sytem.

The package

Bass unit

Ceiling unit

Ceiling and Mid-high unit

You will be suprised when you integrate Zilplex with your audiosystem. Zilplex also can be used for improving the acoustic in general. It’s a small investment for a big improvement and gives you the ultimate sound and space experience! Zilplex will astonish you.

All our Zilplex units are handmade. There are three different elements, Bass unit, Mid-high unit, Ceiling unit.
The benefits of the Zilplex system are:
- It gives a relaxing rest in space. (relaxed atmosphere)
- Soundstage width and height increased.
- Improved depth image containing more details.
- Instruments and voices are vivid and realistic, with a real timbre.
- Walls disappear.
- Music is experienced as in a concert hall with a fascinating liveliness floating around you.

A complete set consists of 7 x mid high unit, 3 x bass unit, 1 x ceiling unit, packed in a wooden box.
These 11 units in the whole are sufficient for every room, from small to large.
Dimensions for all plexiglass units are 25 x 25 x 8 mm. Size of the silver half bowl is 16 mm, and are used on all units.
The cross section of the metal triangle support of the Bass unit is a few mm larger than the mid-high unit, and the diameter is 0.2 mm thicker.
All units have a coordinated height from plexiglass to the right-angled metal triangle is 4.2 mm.
The ceiling unit metal triangle is also adjusted to 4.2 mm from the connection unit.

When selling directly from us, you have two weeks to try it.
If you are not satisfied, just let us know and you will receive the purchase amount back.
Sending costs back is for the user.

For instruction of the installation of the zilplex bowls download the manual. If you like to download our brochure click here.

You can also read the manual here

Read the manual here
Instruction of positioning the Zilplex
Place Zilplex at position 1, in the middle between the speakers at a height of 1.6 meters with a variation in the level of 20%. (See drawing) The effect is, that vocals generates more height, depth and micro information. The next position is number 2; placement is 2.2 meters height with a variation of 20%. This increases the effect of position1. Zilplex on left and right at position 4 on the sidewall, at a 2.2 meters height and 30 cm from the back wall with 20% variation. Effect is openness, wide and up to the corners in the room. (Position 3, is an alternative for 4 when 4 is not possible). (Position 3, is on the back wall at a 2.2 meters high and 30 cm from the sidewall). (In an L room use the distance between the Zilplex on the sidewall to the speaker and use that distance between the other speaker to the Zilplex on the long wall). The two Zilplex at position 5, at a 2.2 meters height, placed at 50 cm for the listening position with a variation of 20%, this position ensures that the listeningroom and the space projected by the speakers flow together to a fantastic livesound. The speed of the Zilplex is so high that it is no problem for Zilplex at position 5, that the distance from the sidewall left or right from the listening position may be different to ten meters. Install Zilplex number 6, at 2.2 meters height on the back wall from the centre out with a wide variation of meters to left or right. Where it results in peacefulness and calm, and therefore more dynamic. The three bass units in the Box are on average higher and wider as the treble wire triangle. The positions for the bass units are two bass units at B, and one bass unit at position A in the middle.
(For positioning bass units in an L room, use the distance between the Zilplex on the sidewall to the speaker and use that distance between the other speaker to the Zilplex on the long wall). (The three bass positions on A is an alternative for B when B is not possible for example furniture). These bass units are placed at a 40 cm height from the floor with 20% variation and 30 cm from the corners with 50% variation. (Place the cup on the holder, by putting it with your finger, from above, between the wall and the cup in such a way that the cup makes an angle from 30 up to 45 degrees. Place the ceiling Zilplex, at 2 meters from the front of the speaker to the ceiling, and in a straight line from the midpoint between
the speakers toward the listening position. Place the ceiling Zilplex with the cup toward the speaker directed and place there the cup exactly horizontal. Placing the ceiling Zilplex more to the speaker, the sound will go to the speakers.
Placing the ceiling Zilplex more to the listening position, the sound will go closer to your listening chair. Put the white soft adhesive balls on the side of the plexiglas against the walland press. There is extra adhesive in the box that can be used to help remove residual adhesive on the wall when moving the Zilplex, take off a new piece
of adhesive, turn it into a ball and roll it with the adhesive to remove, or to replace what is lost. In the box is a polishing cloth for only the silver cups (do not polish the wire triangle). Do not wash the cloth, the blacker the better.
We at Zilplex hope you enjoy using our acoustic adaptation.


The Zilplex cables


Pricelist on request, we can send it to you
as a PDFfile, just send us an email.

For more information about Zilplex cables contact us!

The Zilplex cable line

The Zilplex cable line is fully certified silver wire. Outer sheath is of a customized Teflon modification.
Silver WBT Nextgen Cinch-XLR Furutech–DIN Phono Furutech-IeGO Dreamworks Pure Silver/Rhodium plating IEC & Schuko Pure Tellurium Copper/Rhodium.

Listening room 1
Ypsilon Electronics Aelius - Ypsilon PST 100 MKll - Ypsilon VPS 100 - Ypsilon MC 16 - Transrotor Tourbillon - SME 5 -
Van den Hul Colibri Gold and Platina - Zilplex cabling - Zilplex acoustic adaptation- speakers are Wilson-audio Sasha.

Listening room 2
Ypsilon Electronics Aelius- Zilplex cabling -Zilplex acoustic adaptation speakers are Tidal-audio Contriva Diacera.
CD players Ypsilon CDT 100 with the Digital-to-analog converters DAC 100 or the DAC 1000 for both rooms.

Ypsilon Electronics equipment with Zilplex cabling and the Zilplex acoustics elements can be heard by appointment in our show room.