About us

Zilplex is a Dutch acoustic company, created out of passion for music and audio and directed  by Wiebe Greydanus and Lena van der Schaaf.
The company is specialized in designing the smallest possible acoustic adaptation units with significant effect.

It was 30 years ago when we started designing our first Tube Traps. All this time working on different acoustics elements and components to improve the design.
We always were confinced that the product could be made better and smaller.

After years of research with many different materials, Zilplex developed toward the current status.
In 2007 it was perfectly developed and we started producing and marketing our product. All products are handmade from the best materials.

In 2010 we started  designing and building a full cable line. We build the entire cable line in solid silver wire.This cable line is on the market since  2015.

Not only making Zilplex resonators, but also professional advising, for audio industry, professional recording studios and
consumers. So if you wish a good and professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact us.