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Ypsilon Electronics was formed in 1995. Founded by two sound engineers with a vast experience in the field of live music reproduction. It was not only our experience with live music and live concerts that provided us with the necessary conditions to gain knowledge, it was also our technical background in electronics engineering, that contributed in formatting the concept of how a high end audio device should perform as well as how reliable it should be.

Our achievement is the creation of unique products that communicate to the listener the true meaning of music…EMOTION!

Some examples of Ypsilon products. More product information on the ypsilonelectronics.com or ypsilonaudio.de


Phaethon integrated amplifier is a unique product in many aspects. It uses many of the technical solutions developed in our Aelius monoblock amplifier and PST100mk2 preamplifier in a compact and elegant design.


Aelius is a push-pull hybrid monoblock power amplifier using two gain stages with no overall feedback. The first gain stage uses a tube in single-ended class A operation, transformer coupled to the output stage. It is unusual practice to implement an inter-stage transformer in a solid state or even hybrid amplifier. With the transformer two tasks are achieved. Perfect phase splitting and low impedance drive. Thus no need to use an additional intermediate amplifying stage, so transparency and purity of the signal is preserved.

SET 100 Ultimate is a 120W single-ended class A hybrid amplifier.

It has the magic midrange of a small S.E.T amplifier with the scale, authority, macro and micro detail that no amplifier has ever achieved until now. It uses a specially designed s-e mosfet output stage direct coupled at the output using as the dc current path a double c-core amorphous choke.

SET 100 has power and drive with transparency, musical involvement and above all with music sounding naturally.


The Ypsilon BC1 transformer is used for converting an unbalanced signal to a balanced one. It can be used with any kind of unbalanced source like cd-players,phono preamps,line preamps etc. It can be used also for breaking ground loops in a system, lowering the total noise floor and improving the interface between equipment by providing galvanic isolation.


It is a non - oversampling, no upsampling design with multi - bit dac chips. The carefully designed power supply is with shunt regulators. I / V conversion is done by a specially designed, built in house, transformer. Τhe analog stage uses single-ended class A transformer coupled triodes with valve rectification and choke regulation . The valves are the high mu, high transconductance, low noise SIEMENS C3g NOS tubes.

CDT-100 CD TRANSPORT CDT -100 is YPSILON’s top loader cd player/transport.

The transport’s primal objective is to retrieve data from the cd-disc with as much accuracy as possible. The laser head is extremely sensitive to vibrations so CDT-100 provides a rigid and resonant free construction.The mechanism is mechanically modified and assembled within a massive construction of a sandwich of thick stainless steel and aluminum plates. In this way, the traditional box shaped chassis is avoided and along with that the associated resonance problems are greatly reduced.


The road to VPS-100 took many turns in our long and extensive evaluation of topologies and materials, design and implementation.Passive RIAA equalization is preferred to active because in active RIAA equalization there is a feedback loop and the RIAA network is in this feedback loop.Usually RIAA equalizer circuits are implemented with capacitors and resistors (CR networks). Capacitors present the so called "dielectric absorption" -energy is stored in the dielectric material and is added to the signal with a small delay producing a ringing character in fundamental notes. This ringing behavior can be noticed in piano notes.


The MC series moving coil step-up transformers are used to amplify the low level output signal from a moving coil cartridge bringing it to the appropriate level to drive a moving magnet phono preamp.


PST - 100 is most certainly an impressive addition to YPSILON's 100 series. It approaches the concept of pre amplification in an outstanding way. Its heart lies in the in house made transformers used for attenuation. In addition its valve state circuit combined with exquisite materials produce the finest and most elegant sound that any pre amp could ever achieve.


The Ypsilon PSE-300B is an amplifier that couldn’t be missing from our line of products. The 300B is a seductive tube with a legendary status to it. Recent offerings of this tube from current production are very promising and in some cases rival the legendary performance of the WE 300B.



More product information on ypsilonelectronics.com or ypsilonaudio.de
For more information contact us.